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疑惑:江戸川 乱歩(119-170)/689


...... I think it ’s not the case. ”


“But it ’s funny.


In the middle of the night, sneaking into a place with a lot of families is a very difficult task.


However, I wonder if he feels like killing his opponent until he has taken such a risk of being beaten.


And if you want to kill it, there are many opportunities outside the house and it's a good thing, or was it just evidence that the composer sneaked from the outside? "


“The front door lock was open.


There was no bolt and there was no lock on the branch door leading to the garden.


"The footprint is"


“That ’s not good.


Because of this weather, the ground is completely clean. ''


"... There seems to be no one at your place"


"I don't ... Ah, then, the criminal was not from outside.


...... No matter how much such a thing, such a terrible thing.


I'm sure he is.


A man beaten by his father.


If a worker doesn't know his life, he will not think of danger. "


"I don't know that, but ..."


“Oh, I ’ll stop talking about that.


What you've seen is what you've done, it's not going to happen anymore.


And it's already time.


Would n’t you like to go to the classroom? ”


2nd and 5th day


"That's why you say that the person who killed your dad is in your family."


“During this time, you leaked a mouth that the culprit was not from outside.


At that time, I didn't like to hear such a thing-because I felt it and felt like I was touched by a painful place-halfway through your story But I'm suffering from the same suspicion now.


Of course, this is not a matter of talking to others.


I thought I wouldn't tell anyone if I could.


But I'm already painful and irresistible.


At least, you just wanted to get a consultation. ''


“So, who is suspicious?”


“I ’m an older brother.


`` I am suspicious of my brother, my blood-brother, and my dead father, the true son. ''


"Did the accused confess?"


"I just don't confess, or the rebuttals appear from one to the next.


It is said that the court is also having trouble.


When a criminal is often asked, he talks and returns.


That might be an arrow, and depending on your thoughts, that line might be suspicious of my house and come to look for it. ''


“But don't you feel a little too sensitive?”


"If it's just a nerve problem, I won't be bothered so much.


There is a fact.


...... During this time, I didn't think that something related to the incident, I almost forgot, and I didn't talk to you, but that morning I was rolled up by my father's death. I picked up a hemp handkerchief.


It was very dirty, but the place where I sewed the mark was outside, so I knew it at a glance.


It was an article that no one would have outside of my brother and myself.


The old father disliked handkerchiefs and was a habit of folding their hand towels and putting them in their pockets, and the mother and sister had a handkerchief, but of course a small guy with a woman who was totally different.


That's why the handkerchief was dropped by either the big brother or me.


However, I have never been in the garden for the forty-five days until my father was killed, and I don't remember losing my handkerchief recently.


Then, the handkerchief that had fallen beside the father's death is no doubt that it was the possession of the big brother. ''


"But it seems that my dad was able to bring it ..."


"No such thing.


My dad was ridiculous about the outside, but he was a very careful man for such things.


I've never seen someone else's handkerchief ever. ''


"... But even if it was my brother's handkerchief, it was not necessarily dropped when my father was killed.