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人間椅子:江戸川 乱歩(35-62)/308


I looked like a ghost, and I forgot my reality as a very poor, craftsman, longing for an unfamiliar, luscious, luxurious, variety of “dreams” It was.


If I was young and born in a richer house, I would have been able to make use of the power of money and be able to make a variety of games and dizzy the appearance.


Or, if I was given more artistic heaven, I could have forgotten the taste of this world, for example by beautiful poetry.


At the same time, unfortunately I cannot bathe in any grace, and as a pathetic child of a furniture craftsman, there is no other way to set up the day's living that day by the work of a parent. There was.


My specialty was making various chairs.


The chair I made would surely be liked by any difficult writer, so I had a special look at the business, and I was able to do my job, work and quality.


When it comes to such an elegance, there are various difficult texts on the sculptures on the sculptures and armrests, and there are subtle preferences for the construction of the cushions and the dimensions of each part. There is a hard time that amateurs can't imagine, but there is no fun when you're done.


It seems cheeky, but I think that the spirit is comparable to the joy of an artist completing a fine work.


When I have a chair, I sit on it and try to sit down.


And even in the craftsman life that is not good, I feel good at that time.


What kind of noble person or what kind of beautiful person is going to go there, such a magnificent chair, a mansion that can be said to be a masterpiece, so it is surely suitable for this chair, There will be a luxury room.


There must be a space between the walls, oil paintings of famous painters, and a jewel-like decorative lamp from the ceiling.


There will be expensive carpets on the floor.


And on the table in front of this chair, Western flowers that will awaken your eyes will be in bloom, giving off a sweet bud.


When I'm talking about such a delusion, I feel like I've become the master of the fine room, but it's just a moment, but I can't describe it, and it's a pleasant feeling. There is.


I ephemeral delusion is, we will continue to length increasing grace endlessly without any.


I am a poor, ugly, craftsman, and I am a noble prince in the world of delusion, sitting on a fine chair I made.


And beside me, my beautiful lover who always comes out in my dreams, listens to my story while smiling.


Not only that.


In my delusion, I hold hands with the person, and even chat about sweet love.


However, in any case, my futuristic purple dream is hampered by the voices of the sick children who fall in love and cry and cry like hysteria. And before me again, the ugly reality exposes that gray strip.


When I returned to reality, I found myself as a pitiful pity that I couldn't look like a dreamy nobleman.


And now, that beautiful person who smiled at me.


...... Where is such a thing?


Even a dirty lullaby playing in a dusty neighborhood, I don't wander even if I look around.


Only one chair length that I made, like the remnants of my current dream, remains with potsnen.


However, the chair will eventually be taken away into a world that is completely different from ours, which is unknown.


I will be attacked by an unfamiliar taste every time I finish the chairs one by one.