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人間椅子:江戸川 乱歩(184-210)/308


Some have a fertile body like a foal and a slender body; some have a bewitching body like a snake and a body that moves freely with a kunekune; It was fat and had a body rich in fat and elasticity, and some, like Greek sculpture, had a strong and well-developed body.


Besides, every woman's body had its own characteristics and charm.


So, while moving from woman to woman, I also had a different and strange experience.


One of them is that, once, an ambassador of a powerful country in Europe (which I learned from a Japanese boy's rumors) put that great body on my lap.


It was a person who was better known as a global poet than a politician, but to my fullest extent, I was so proud that I knew the skin of that great man. Thank you.


He talked to me about a couple of fellow nationals on me and left.


Of course, I don't know exactly what I was saying, but every time I do a gesture, I feel like a tickling touch of the body that seems to be warmer than a normal person, which moves with muckles. I gave you a spear that I didn't want to leave.


At that time, I suddenly imagined something like this.

若し! この革のうしろから、鋭いナイフで、彼の心臓を目がけて、グサリと一突きしたなら、どんな結果を惹起すであろう。

Young! [From this leather, if you look at his heart with a sharp knife and take a sneak peek, what will happen?


Of course, it must give him a fatal wound that cannot happen again.


Whatever fuss the Japanese politics will play for that reason, his country is not.


The newspaper will put up any passionate article.


It will have a great impact on the diplomatic relationship between Japan and his home country, and his death is no doubt the biggest loss in the world from an artistic standpoint.


Such a big incident can be easily realized by one hand.


Given that, I couldn't help but feel mysterious.


Another thing is that when a famous dancer from a certain country came to Japan in the morning, she stayed at the hotel and sat down on my chair.


At that time, I was impressed as if I was an ambassador, but she also gave me an ideal physical beauty that I had never experienced before.


I have no time to devote myself to such a low-profile idea, but just to admire her with a godly feeling like time for art.


Besides that, I still had a lot of unusual, mysterious or creepy experiences, but it is not the purpose of this letter and it will be much longer to detail them here. So let's hurry up and let's move on to the point.


Now, after a few months since I visited the hotel, a change occurred on my body.


This is because the hotel manager decided to return to Japan for some reason, and handed over to a Japanese company.


As a result, the Japanese company revised its traditional luxury sales policy and aimed for more advantageous management as a more general inn.


For that purpose, the furniture that was not needed was entrusted to a large furniture dealer and auctioned, but my chair was also included in the auction inventory.


I was disappointed once I knew it.


And with that as an opportunity, I went back to Sakai and thought about starting a new life.


At that time, the amount of money that had been stolen had risen to a considerable amount, so even if it came out to the world, there was no miserable life as before.


But looking back, leaving the foreigner's hotel was a great disappointment on the one hand, but on the other hand it meant a new hope.