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湖畔亭事件:江戸川 乱歩(34-61)/1770


And when it was found by the mother and dragged out of the closet, I felt like I was pulled back from the world of sweet dreams to the weird real world, and it was an unpleasant experience It is.


As expected, when I graduated from the ordinary school, I was a little embarrassed.


However, even if the instrument is broken, only the lens remains.


My phantom instrument was much larger than what I usually have at a toy store, so the lens was about 2 inches in diameter, plenty of thickness, and heavy. Two of them were used as paperweights, and have been placed on my study desk.


Was that in the first year of junior high school, or one day, one thing? It wasn't uncommon for them to be astonished, but even if they were woken up by their mothers, I didn't want to leave a warm bed, just got back to the sky, delayed my arrival time, became unwilling to go to school, and lived in bed all day with a temporary illness to my mother. There was a thing.


Because I've been told I'm sick, I can eat a bowl that I don't like, I can't get out of bed even if I want to do something. I started to regret it.


I cut the shutters on purpose and darkened the room to suit my feelings, so the outside scenery is reflected on the paper shoji through the gaps and joint holes.


Big and small, clear and blurred, and many of the same scenery are reflected upside down.


I watched it while sleeping and suddenly remembered the story of the inventor of the photographic instrument.


And, like the video of that knothole, it seems like a child who thinks it can't add color to a photo, it's a dream, but I was just a scientist I was daydreaming about that.


Soon, as I was watching, the shoji shadow gradually faded away.


And when it finally disappeared, the sunlight that looked white now dazzled through the same joint hole or gap.


Therefore, I was afraid of sunlight like mogumochi because I was absent from school.


I have to say, no, no, no, no mind, wearing a bandage from the head, tearing my eyes and swaying in front of my eyes, countless yellow and purple rings, sweet and weird changes It ’s something I saw.


Readers, my story seems too far from the murder case.


But don't beat it.


Such a story is my niece.


And this kind of childhood memories are not really irrelevant to the murder case.


Well, I got my head off from the band again.


As you can see, there is a bright spot just below my face.


It was because the sunlight that entered the glaze through the knothole threw a round shadow over the tatami mats through the tears in the shoji.


Of course, it is probably because the whole room is dark, but I was a little wondering that the round objects look too white and dazzling.


And when I took the lens of the example that fell there, I saw it on a round light. When I looked at the shadow, I dropped my lens unintentionally.


What was reflected there surprised me so much.


Although it was thin, it was because the lower tatami eyes were reflected on the ceiling, with the thickness of a single ridge expanded to about 2 inches, and a small trash.


I was terrified by the mysterious action of the lens, and on the other hand, I also got a strange charm.


Then, the first time I mess with lenses.


I just took out the hand mirror that was in that room, and used it to refract the shadow of the lens, instead of tatami, I reflected various pictures and photos on the wall. It was.