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湖畔亭事件:江戸川 乱歩(250-280)/1770


The thick door at the entrance of the bathhouse and the distance from it to the restaurant where the housemaids are located may have blocked it.


If so, I'm the only one who knows this horrible event in a large lakeside bower.


Of course I must inform them of this.


But what should I tell you?


There is no other way to reveal the secret of peeping glasses.


Why can you be so embarrassed?


Not just embarrassed.


This strange mechanism that cannot be judged by this ordinary person is not something that cannot be considered in connection with the murder case.


I can't do that very much for me who is indecisive with natural mania.


However, I ca n’t stay still.


I was struggling with frustration that I had almost no experience for 5 minutes, but soon I got tired and when I got up suddenly, there was no way I could do anything. I was hanging the wide stairs.


Under the stairs, the corridor has a T-shape, one leading towards the hot spring, one toward the entrance, and the other leading to the back room, but now I am in a hurry Almost in front of me, there was a leopard and a person in the hallway leading to the back room.


As you can see, it was like a business-minded garment, with a subdued shade and rich spring coat, and a thick gold chain flickering from the open chest.


And the right hand is the biggest trunk that seems to be heavy, and the left hand is a gold gripper walking stick.


However, it seems that the hotel seems to be standing at about ten o'clock in the evening, and it is strange to think that it is holding a heavy trunk in your hand, but it is stranger than that. And even though I was a little shy, I wasn't surprised.


He suddenly tried to return to the back, but at last he thought back and walked in front of me in front of the front door in an unnatural manner.


After that, a man who looked a little inferior, and could be seen as his servant, was also dressed in clothes, with a similar trunk in his hand.


As I have often said that I am a shy person in the world.


Therefore, even in the inn, they rarely went out of the room, and the inhabitants were completely ignorant.


Outside of the gorgeous urban girl and another young man (who will be revealed to the reader as the story goes on) he was almost indifferent is.


Of course, I should have seen all the guests through my peeping glasses, but I didn't really remember who was in any room, what kind of face and appearance.


And the gentleman who surprised me right now, I think that I saw it once, but there was no deep impression, so I was not interested in his strange behavior.


At that time, I couldn't afford to be suspicious of unforeseen visitors, and I was just excited and I didn't even know where to go to that corridor.


However, no matter how much courage you see, you can't feel like telling that event to the inn.


Because there is something for peeping glasses, I feel like I want to lie down as if I was a person.



However, since there was no limit, I decided to check the corner and see the bathhouse.


ど Following the dim corridor and seeing there, the thick western door at the entrance was pinched.


To me who is weak, how spooky it was to open it.


However, it's a lot of time, and finally I'm doing well, and I opened the door little by little, one minute and two minutes. Would have been.


Of course, there was no longer a composer, and there was not even a dead woman.