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湖畔亭事件:江戸川 乱歩(589-614)/1770


If there were no fixtures or other lost items, the surroundings of the bathhouse and the tenth room where the accused gentleman stayed were examined without falling, but there were no items left as clues. It was.


】 Just about the victim of the presumed victim Nagakichi, the housewife of the owner Nakamura's house was visiting Kohan-tei, so I was able to learn more from her.


At that time she was terribly speaking about various things.


However, in short, there were no suspicious facts that we thought would be this.


Nagayoshi was relocated to the Nakamura family from the same local town, N, for a year ago. The previous thing was nothing, but no change to her after coming to the Nakamura family. For a floating woman, the temper was a little too disgusting, but it could be said that it was a characteristic.


The affairs also seemed to be nothing more than ordinary familiar customers.


“Last night, I was called to the Ozaza-za-za, and I was right here with Mr. Eiji, who was here, but I left the town around 8 o'clock, so it changed when I left. It seems that there was no appearance, and even in the tatami room, it was as usual. "


The housewife's petition was nothing without such a withdrawal after all.


At that time, the chief was Nagayoshi and the gentleman of the trunk.


The man who looks like a servant called Kimura.


However, since then, they have never been known as a niece, so there ’s not much to mention the name clearly.) .


However, she did not have anything to add to the fact that Nagayoshi was called to the Matsushita clan's tatami room.


And according to the geisha's testimony, the head of the inn and the geisha, I found that the relationship between Matsunaga and Nagakichi was just not called out to the other party of sake.




After all, what was revealed by the question was not more than what we knew beforehand.


Not only that, but they can't break through the peeping glasses of the example, so they have to say that in some ways they are even less ignorant of this incident than we are.


For example, even at the time of lameness, we know that it was quite accurate at around 10:35, but they were the time when the maid saw the suspicious behavior of Nagayoshi and Matsunaga. Therefore, it is only presumed that the lameness was probably done at that time.


Therefore, the whereabouts of the alleged Matsunaga, who was accused of both the corner and the corner, were to be conducted.


To be exact, at this time it was not yet confirmed whether the murder was done.


The sign of the dressing room blood vessel, Nagayoshi's whereabouts, Matsunaga's suspicious departure, etc. were only a little to imagine.


However, in this case, it goes without saying that Matsunaga's whereabouts search is a predecessor.


Fortunately, Kono was acquainted with the village patrol, so we came later and were able to hear the opinions of the source and the actual search to a certain extent. After that, Matsunaga's whereabouts, which were conducted without changing the time, had nothing to gain.


That is mainly because I asked the towns and villages of the highway, based on the style of their departure, as claimed by me and the beginning of the inn. The person who met the condition of “the person who got the trunk” never showed up.


But the other landmark is a man who is fattened by Matsunaga and has stored a spear under his nose. Once that happens, it's not impossible for you to run away without notice.


Needless to say, the biggest obstacle to their escape is the conspicuous trunk.


They must have dismissed it without knowing it.