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湖畔亭事件:江戸川 乱歩(876-910)/1770


So, I repeated the questions and answers with Sanzo, omitting only the aspects related to the state and Kono.


“That ’s funny.


It may be a frayed predator.


"I can't trust you accidentally," says Kono.


“By the way, this is an example wallet.


I understand the owner.


It was the master of the house here.


It means that it was lost and searched for 45 days ago.


To my regret, I don't remember where it was gone, but even if I listened to my niece, horn, maid, or the head, it seems that it is no different from the master's thing. ''


"Then, it was a reason that everyone was stealing it."


"Well so"


"So is that the same man as that trunk man?"


"Saa, if that seems to be the case, then you'll never know why the man who had fled once returned to here, or why he needed it."


So, we also fought for a while, but every time there is a discovery, the incident is getting more and more complicated and incomprehensible. I couldn't see it.




I was finally involved in the murder of a murder.


Until I took off my eyeglass device, I wanted to get away from this confusing place as soon as possible, regardless of the length of my stay, but now that device is gone and my concern is overlooked. This time, the curiosity of his own nature erupted, and together with Kono, he made even a great desire to search for the criminal using our own materials.


At that time, officials from nearby courts also made business trips, and it was found that the bathing spots were no different from human blood. However, even though we were amateurs, even if we listened to the story of a police officer in Kono's acquaintance village, we couldn't make any progress.


One of the powerlessness of the police was me.


And secondly, it goes without saying that Kono's enthusiastic detectives did not detract from my curiosity.


I went back to my room and thought about the facts I just heard from Bath Bansanzo.


It seems undoubtedly that someone was in the bath when Sanzo returned from the meal.


And it is almost certain that the man is related to crime, considering time.


However, according to Sanzo, it seems that it was that Kono who was feeling an amateur detective with me.


"Then, is Kono the murderer?"


Suddenly, I felt a frightening fear.


If a lot of blood isn't flowing in the bathhouse, or if it's flowing, but it's a paint or blood from another animal, You can imagine that it is a mischievous, but unfortunately it turns out that blood stains are clearly different from human blood, and the amount is also enough to take the victim's life, guessing from the wiped traces I know that Kono has no doubt that he was in the bath at that time, and he is a terrible criminal.


But why did Kono kill Nagayoshi?


And how could the corpse be disposed of?


Given these points, I can't imagine that he was the criminal.


Isn't the first night's suspicious figure alone enough to prove his innocence?


Besides, if you are a normal human being, you can't do a detective imitation by committing a murder crime and stopping at the spot.


Sanzo just listens to the sound of coughing and insists that it was Kono, but the human ear can be quite misunderstood. Of course, it must be something wrong.


However, it seems that only someone was at the bath at that time.


Sanzo says, "There are no people who use hot water outside here."