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病牀六尺:正岡 子規(1313-1350)/2277


What is terrible is that even if you force a man to do something about the family's unity, you will not feel any interest at all.


It cannot be said that the wife of the family has exhausted the duties of the family.


Therefore, as the first step in home education, it is better to go from the position of teaching to enjoying peace with the whole family.


Not only does the family reunion have the effect of allowing the family members to enjoy peace, but also family education is often given at this time.


If the family is peaceful, the nature of the child will also be peaceful.


If the chat with the father, mother, brother, sister, etc. is useful, the child will be happy to hear it.


Although chatting is not a difficult moral discussion, if it is a story of a person with a noble character, that noble place is always revealed even in a wasteful story. Therefore, the child listening to this is inspired by the lofty wind.


I don't think that this inspiration is taught separately, and I don't think it will be taught, but it is even more serious than school education.


Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the value of home education is in some cases heavier than school education.


(July 18th)




○ If you say that you want a machine that can withstand the heat of those days and generate wind, Hekigiri made it himself and hung it on my floor.


It should be done in the summer season.


To the extent that the flowers of the wind plate closing potted plant are scattered


Around the time | It was possible to hold a hakama performance with people such as Mr. Josui.


Kasa on the real face | It's nice to hear stories such as wearing


Everyone in the coolness and hakama


The general election was just around the corner, and the daily newspaper articles were noisy and awake.


Deer eradicated Natsuno's dream road overgrown (July 19th)




○ There are two types of illness care, mental and formal.


Mental care is when a nurse cares for a sick person with sympathy.


Formal care is to handle the sick well, for example, to take medicine, to replace the bandage, to lie down, to massage the legs, and to improve the work of kimono and futon. Needless to say, enema bathing is something that you should pay attention to from the side to the physical feelings of the sick person from beginning to end.


It is one of the necessary items to make the sick people happy by making good meal menus such as salt plums.


There is no excuse if these two ways of caring can be obtained at the same time, but if it is a matter of choosing one of them, it is rather necessary to have a person with mental sympathy.


Of course, it is necessary to eat good food, but when there is no sympathy for the caretaker, it often feels extremely unpleasant.


If you have sympathy for your caregiver, you will not get angry even if you do something a little wrong.


But sympathetic nurses, of course, do not know how much formal nurses can comfort the sick if they are not easily available.


It seems that there are many nurses in the world who perform a part of this formal nursing and who do all of it is extremely scarce.


Of course, when one sick person has more than one nurse, all formal nursing is done, but if you are not a very smart person, you need to be satisfied with the sick person. It's difficult.


Training in a hospital as a nurse is like a doctor's assistant, which is very different from caring for any illness here.


Since the word "caring for the sick" is nothing more than comforting the sick, we must be attentive to the extremely trivial things that cannot be taught.


For example, if you think that the futon that is worn by the sick person is a little too much on your face, I will pull it down.


If you think that the futon is heavy, you can replace it with a lighter futon, or you can attach a string to the futon and fish it up.


If the sick person thinks that he has a fly in May, he goes to the next room and hides.


When I think that the sick person feels lonely in love with others, I am still on that side.


Or call another person and talk quietly and happily.


Alternatively, you can go out unexpectedly to the sick person and show them beautiful flowers to please them, or measure the sick person's intentions and eat something that is delicious.