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病牀譫語:正岡 子規(112-150)/235


However, it is foolish to set up an ethics department to help Tokuiku.


I think that it is most effective to make the morals department of the elementary school an extremely necessary department and to teach the departments other than the morals department with some significance of morals.


However, it is unnecessary to set up an ethics department in junior high school and above and teach it lectureally.


(Ethics at Bunka University is not an example of this.) Nowadays, the ethics department does not know how to teach, depending on what I experience, or taking "the analects" or taking ching. Or, by reference to the theory of ethics, preaching the path of Tadataka Nobuyoshi, is there any benefit to this moral morals?


It is useless to ask an honest person to be honest, and to ask an unhonest person to be honest, but the lecture before the mouth should be able to do this and make him honest.


Even if it is a teacher who teaches ethics and has some drawbacks, students usually provoke bad feelings toward the lecture.


Once a teacher of ethics, he prodigals to Yukaku at the age of 60.


I know the behavior and listen to the lecture later, and when I see the seriousness of the face that preaches Takanobu Tadanobu, I almost want to have a drink.


Ethics departments like this are very harmful and have no small profits.


With 10 years of experience, I have to deal with ethics. | The emotions that I have imprinted on my heart must be nothing more than just "a nasty, boring department."


As a student, all the departments are not so interesting, but if you look back on them after a long time, you may think that it will be very beneficial to you, and if you study a little at that time, it is not a little thought. ..


However, every time I look back on the lecture on ethics, I have to think that Shiháo will also benefit me, and I have to feel uncomfortable now.


It is not necessary to further discuss the ineffectiveness of promoting virtue education through a one-off lecture.


If you want to promote your students to virtue, you should abolish the ethics department and list good and good people as general teachers.


However, it is difficult to obtain a person who is a teacher of intellectual education and who is good and good.


It is a good idea to supplement this quae to teach a boy at home and advance to virtue education.


◎ If you are an important person who becomes a first-come-first-served person and controls the life of a person, you need to be most careful in teaching this.


I should be able to get a book of poetic justice in my childhood elementary school, so I borrowed it and copied it by hand.


What's more, those who are in my memory today are not a hobbyist poetic justice, but the textbooks at that time are the moral facts in the "elementary school readers" (commonly known as new readers).


The depth of the biographical facts that are imprinted on the human heart is better than the textbooks of the school that you study repeatedly, even if you can read it as a child and never forget the history novel.


Tokuiku must know this secret.


In order to carry out this secret, the teacher needs an occasional professor only in the moral textbook.


◎ Aesthetics develops aesthetic feelings.


If you don't have the spirit of beauty as a person (not in the technique of creating beauty, that is, skill training), you should live your life unpleasantly.


Those who feel the beauty of paintings and sculptures should get the comfort of the forest, even if they are behind the red dust, and those who feel the beauty of Sansui Kacho should get the comfort of Fuki Eika even if they are in poverty.


Indirectly, the heart of beauty causes mercy and rejects cruelty.


◎ Kiiku develops will.


Seeing righteousness, I will not quit death, I will endure hardships, I will not give in to my original intentions, I will not bend ..


This is mixed with Tokuiku in the world, but bravery and patience are different from the feeling of right and wrong.


◎ Physical education is not necessarily gymnastics, not competition.


Clothes Clean your home, eat nourishing food, and sometimes do things like walking, competing, talking, etc., or hygiene.


However, hygiene tends to loosen mental pleasure.


Mental pleasure occupies half of physical education.

〔『日本附録週報』明治32・3・27 三〕

["Japan Appendix Weekly Report" Meiji 32/3/27 3]




◎ There are no parents who have no choice but to love their children, and there are only a few parents who teach their children.


Tokuiku Kiiku should not be left to the school, and it requires careful attention at home.


However, it is harmful to praise and scold, but not to praise.


Rather, I should leave this alone.